EastEnders: Lee Carter steals the charity collection from the Queen Vic – but what happens next?

Lee's problems set to escalate next week in the wake of his theft


Troubled Lee Carter went to desperate lengths to get hold of cash in tonight’s EastEnders when he stole the Queen Vic’s charity collection box.


Scenes just broadcast on the BBC1 soap saw Lee swipe the funds in order to secure a deposit on one of Jack Branning’s flats.

Having already failed to land a decent amount of money at a pawnbroker’s for a bracelet belonging to his mum Linda, while also getting the knock back from his boss after asking for an advance on his wages, Lee made the risky move to pinch the pot of donations from under the noses of his family.


The traumatic development comes as EastEnders fans continue to worry for Lee’s mental health as he struggles to cope with the pressures of working in a cutthroat call-centre environment, where he faces constant bullying from ambitious colleague Oz.

Newly married Lee is also anxious to provide a decent life for wife Whitney, who wants the pair of them to move out of the Vic and into their own home.

EastEnders does, of course, have a history of putting its long-standing characters under financial pressure. Masood Ahmed stole son Tamwar’s university funds in 2014, while Arthur Fowler was seen suffering a breakdown in 1986 after taking the Square’s Christmas club money.

All of which has us fearing that Lee could be heading for a breakdown of his own as his money worries continue to mount. In the meantime, though, Lee looks set to face fresh difficulties in his marriage as Whitney starts to fear that his secretive behaviour means that he’s having an affair.


After discovering that Lee has called in sick to work in next week’s episodes, Whitney is shocked to see her husband return home claiming that he’s been in the office all day. Just where has Lee been? And will the truth about Lee’s troubles finally come out?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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