Coronation Street: Tracy to expose Daniel’s lies? Kate Ford interview

"Tracy definitely suspects that Daniel has secrets," says the actress


The Barlow family dynamics have been shifting ever since patriarch Ken suffered a stroke shortly after Peter’s return to Coronation Street a few weeks ago. Tracy’s feathers were ruffled when Peter came back on the scene, and the arrival of both Adam Barlow and Daniel Osbourne looks set to shake things up again.


Next week, Peter and Tracy put their differences aside when they both suspect that Daniel is hiding something and a big bust-up ensues (you can read more about that here).


Kate Ford, the actress who plays Tracy Barlow, discusses what lies in store for the Barlows in upcoming episodes now that a whole new branch of the family is living on the street.

So, how is Tracy feeling in the wake of Ken’s stroke?
Tracy hasn’t felt this vulnerable since she lost her mum. She’s terrified and she really wants to look after Ken.

Is she happy to have Peter back or does she still blame him for the stroke?
Tracy blames Peter for Ken’s stroke at first but she does warm to having her brother back eventually. The pair of them start to have suspicions about Daniel’s agenda, so they team up and become a unit again.


What are her feelings regarding Adam and Daniel?
Tracy thinks that Adam is the cool one because he’s really smooth and he’s got the money. She thinks that Daniel is the uncool one, she calls him Harry Potter!

What does she suspect they are up to?
Tracy definitely suspects that Daniel has secrets. She reckons that he owes money because there has been a man sniffing around but she also thinks it could be that Adam has been having an affair with somebody’s wife. Peter and Tracy both agree that Daniel’s hiding something and vow to find out what together.

How close does Tracy get to sussing out Daniel?
Tracy decides to pinch the keys to Daniel’s flat. In the end, she uncovers the truth about Daniel when she finds there is no women’s stuff at his flat. It is at that point that she realises he has lied about living with his mum.  

How does the big row break out and what is Tracy’s involvement?
Daniel is furious with Tracy that she went to his flat and then Adam finds out that his car has been stolen. Tracy believes that Daniel has taken the car because she knows that he has lied about living with his mum. So the Barlows grab Daniel in the street, take him to Roy’s Rolls and say, “Right, we know you are not what you say you are so you better tell us the truth and fast.” The Barlows interrogate Daniel until he breaks, revealing that his mum left him years ago. He has been living all alone.  

How does Daniel deal with the drama?
Daniel is quite self-possessed. He doesn’t say sorry, he states the facts about what has been going on. Apart from Adam, the rest of the Barlows feel sorry for him.  


Can the Barlows call a truce? Is Tracy prepared to make peace?
It does appear that way but she’s still a bit narky with him. She forgives him for certain things because she takes pity on him about his mother leaving him – it’s horrible isn’t it? But she also thinks he is a real freeloader. It’s annoying her that Ken keeps paying for everything. Tracy feels she is working really hard whereas Ken keeps buying Daniel dinners.

Can she get used to having Adam and Daniel around?
I think so. They have a few family meals together so it’s nice for Tracy because since Deirdre passed away that has been missing for her. She could get used to it.


Is Tracy about to be the best behaved Barlow? Would you like that?
She is at the moment – it’s quite weird! It won’t be forever because she still has that side to her. It doesn’t mean that she’s not still rude but she’s not up to anything too bad right now. She has her relationship with Luke, she’s looking after her dad and she’s got the florists, which is going well. She has even made friends with Mary! So it’s the first time in a long time that she’s been in a better place.

What’s the best thing about having Chris back? Are Tracy and Peter a good team?
Chris [Gascoyne] is just so funny to work with. We don’t stop gossiping and we’re constantly having a laugh. I love doing scenes with him. It’s nice to have that dynamic of Tracy and Peter again because they love and hate each other like real siblings. They annoy each other but at the same time, when push comes to shove, blood is thicker than water and they will always stick together.

What does the future hold for the Barlows?
There will definitely be a power struggle within the family and although there are more Barlow men around now, Tracy is still more than a match for them.    

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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