Coronation Street: Daniel’s big secret is revealed!

The Barlows discover what Daniel has been hiding


Ken Barlow’s recovery looks set to be marred by in-fighting among the Barlow clan in upcoming episodes of Coronation Street.


After spotting someone lurking outside the house, Tracy suspects that Daniel and Adam might owe someone money and asks them if they have any idea who it might have been. They say they don’t know anything about it, but Daniel’s shifty behaviour arouses suspicion.

Tracy is intrigued by Daniel and wants to find out more about him, but he isn’t keen to answer any of her questions. Peter joins in with the inquisition and asks him about his financial situation and home life.


Daniel doesn’t take too kindly to being questioned and storms off, leaving both Peter and Tracy more certain than ever that he’s hiding something.

Meanwhile, David is nonplussed when Daniel makes a visit to the salon to look around and ask about the history of the place.


When David tells Nick and Sally about the strange salon visit later at the pub, Daniel overhears and loses his temper.


He’s so furious that eventually Sarah has to ask him to leave. It seems as though Daniel is rubbing everyone up the wrong way.


Later in the week, Tracy can’t shake the feeling that Daniel is hiding something and decides to take drastic action to find out more. She steals the keys to his flat and lets herself in, before later telling Adam and Peter that she went snooping.


In the meantime, Adam is shocked to discover that his precious car has been stolen from outside Number One.

When Daniel doesn’t come home that night, Adam is convinced that he’s taken the car and done a runner. Tracy and Peter wonder why Daniel would lie about living with his mother. Ken, meanwhile, remains blissfully unaware of the week’s events, telling Mary that he’s happy to have reconnected with Daniel after so many years of estrangement.

Daniel comes back to Weatherfield and is horrified to find out that his privacy has been violated. Tracy, Peter and Adam sit him down to get to the truth, and he admits that Denise left when he was 15 years old and he hasn’t seen her since. He speaks about his fears of being taken into care, and Ken’s heart sinks.


Adam, however, is more concerned about his car and accuses Daniel of stealing it. A huge row erupts and poor Ken’s stress levels hit the roof. He’s worried that all the family drama could quite literally be the death of him, and Peter decides to take action.

Daniel can’t take any more arguments with Adam or Tracy and leaves, but Peter persuades him to come back and be part of the family. Taking charge, Peter tells the family that they need to stop the drama for Ken’s sake. He also organises for Adam and Daniel to live together in the corner shop flat. Ken is impressed.


However, harmony doesn’t reign for too long. Adam takes a phone call in secret and it becomes clear that all is not as it seems. What is Adam hiding from the rest of the Barlow family? And are Ken’s hopes for a bit of peace going to be short lived?

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