Neighbours: Elly gets an alarming call from Angus – plus Piper helps Tyler avoid jail

14-18 November 2016: And Xanthe’s warnings fail to stop Gary from rekindling his relationship with Brooke


Monday 14 November


Elly gets a late-night call from an intoxicated Angus and sets out to rescue him. Brooke worries that Xanthe will not leave while she is still attached to Ben. Paul contacts Maxine Cowper to uncover the purpose of the secret payments, but nothing prepares him for the discovery of who she really is. 

Tuesday 15 November

Paul uses the information about Maxine’s identity to force Terese out of the Men’s Shed tender. When Tim Collins threatens Tyler with criminal charges over his crashed car, Piper decides to take matters into her own hands. When Brooke starts reeling Gary in, Xanthe doubts her intentions. 

Wednesday 16 November

Xanthe turns to an outsider to save Gary when he rekindles his relationship with Brooke. David loses his cool with Aaron in the worst possible way. Lou is determined to find a date for the wedding but his quest causes a frustrating setback to Lauren’s plans. 

Thursday 17 November

Sonya discovers she is ovulating, but in her haste to take advantage of the timing, doubts emerge. Amy asks Leo to help deal with David’s outburst. Jack is thrown when Paige starts a new programme of sex education and LGBT awareness at Blaze Outreach. 


Friday 18 November

Elly is torn when she receives a text out of the blue from her ex. Toadie’s misgivings over the surrogacy situation are worsened when Victoria comes out against it. Appalled by her decision to meet Derek, Angus recruits Piper to help him thwart Elly’s date.