Emmerdale: sacked Kerry breaks into the factory and goes on a booze-fuelled rampage!

She pressures the Sharmas for money - but is she in over her head this time?


Kerry Wyatt has been behaving erratically ever since her break-up with Dan (I refer you to that dalliance with Sam Dingle) but she will take things to a whole new level in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, when she drunkenly breaks into the factory in spectacular fashion.


It all begins when Kerry thinks she’s managed to score a business deal with prospective client George. Laura Norton, the actress who plays Kerry, explains: “She has stepped in where she shouldn’t have done at the factory. She sees an opportunity when this guy comes in and seems to take a bit of a shine to her. She uses her initiative and manages to win the contract. The Sharmas can’t believe that she’s managed to pull it off, but little did she know that George had ulterior motives.”


After sleeping with him at the salon (much to Bernice’s horror) Kerry goes into work and sees him in the office just about the sign the contract. When he starts coming onto Priya, she gets jealous and steps in. Norton adds: “Kerry spots that he’s using exactly the same lines on Priya as he did on her, word for word, so she sees red and loses it. She makes a bit of a bad move!”


Jai immediately fires Kerry for her behaviour and Priya, who is equally unimpressed with George, sends him packing too. Later, Kerry returns to the factory to confront Jai. She notices the skylight is open and, as Norton says, “she sees an opportunity. She’s had a drink and she hasn’t actually thought about the consequences”.

After scaling the building and jumping down through the skylight-  a scene which required a stunt woman – Kerry spots a bottle of whisky and enough confectionary to last the night. Norton says, “It was one of my best filming days. It was me jumping through, finding booze, trashing the factory, eating chocolate, getting drunk and causing mayhem. I had to do really serious scenes with chocolate all over my face. It was really, really funny.”


The morning after the night before, Kerry wakes to hear Jai and Rishi coming. She tries to wriggle her way out and, in a turn of events which will become clear next week, ends up in a wheelchair. Norton hints: “She goes from having a limp to forgetting she’s got a limp to being in a wheelchair. She’s good at faking it. She’s milking it”.


Meanwhile, Rakesh advises Jai that he should settle with Kerry out of court. Kerry, however, may not be so inclined to accept an offer after Jai tries to tip her out of her wheelchair. Dan tries to intervene and persuade Kerry to do the right thing.

“Even though Dan isn’t prepared to reconcile, he still cares about her and doesn’t want her to ruin her life. He can see her spiralling out of control so he tries to show her that he cares but she’s not really prepared to listen at first”, says Norton.

Kerry later turns up at the factory demanding £3000 not to take the Sharmas to court. Is she in over her head making demands from such tough business people? Norton says her character is “made of sturdy stuff. It’s Kerry, so she thinks she’s invincible. The Sharmas don’t scare her at all. She believes that when she puts her mind to something she’ll succeed.”


It seems as though breaking up with Dan has hit Kerry hard. Norton explains: “She’s lost somebody that she loved very much. It’s played right into all of her insecurities and now she’s just in self-destruct mode. She is on a downward spiral and at the minute I can’t see how she’s going to come out of it.” By the end of next week Bernice has had enough of her behaviour and fires her from the salon.

There’s more that is yet to be revealed about Kerry’s past in upcoming storylines. Norton discloses: “When she came into the show you saw that she was a car crash but you never knew why. Little things start to get explained about her past, about why she behaves the way that she does and why she’s so insecure. Why she thinks she’s worthless and unlovable, really.”

So will Kerry get away with her hare-brained scheme to extort money from the Sharmas? Will she continue with her out-of-control behaviour? And would that prevent a Dan and Kerry reunion anytime in the near future?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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