Emmerdale rewatch: see the whole catastrophic crash again!

Relive all the dramatic moments from Thursday's smash-up


For those of you that weren’t watching Emmerdale last night (and, quite frankly, what could you possibly have been doing that was more exciting?), here’s your chance to see 2016’s most devastating soap stunt.


Yes, it’s the shock moment when Emma pushes James from a road bridge, causing him to land on Ashley’s car and spark a multi-vehicle pile-up that has put the lives of several villagers in jeopardy.

Dramatic highlights include Paddy and Rhona’s nightmarish screams and the sight of Pierce being caught unawares by an oncoming van…

Then there was the cliffhanger spectacle of fan favourites Aaron and Robert careering into a lake, while deranged Emma surveyed the wreckage in her blood-spattered wedding dress.

Gothic, visceral, nail-biting and spectactular – these really were stand-out moments from a soap on top form!

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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