Coronation Street: Vinny could kill Phelan, reveals Connor McIntyre

Will Phelan's true feelings for Eileen put him in genuine danger?


Is the pact between Vinny Ashford and Pat Phelan about to turn deadly on Coronation Street? caught up with Best Bad Boy winner Connor McIntyre at the Inside Soap Awards and asked whether there was a possibility of Vinny doing away with his business partner.


“There is,” said the actor. “Vinny owes money to some heavy dudes, which – as far as Pat is concerned – was never part of the original equation. So, all of a sudden, Pat’s got to manage Todd, Eileen and Vinny – and you know what happens when people are faced with that kind of pressure? It gets out of control.”

Quizzed as to whether Phelan is ultimately afraid of what Vinny might do to him, McIntyre replied: “I’ll say! Wouldn’t you be?”


In the end, it could turn out to be Phelan’s loyalty towards Eileen that proves to be his Achilles heel. Viewers have already seen Vinny lose his temper with Eileen following her purchase of expensive tiles for flats that will never actually be built.

And even though it appears that Pat is using his relationship with Eileen as a means to an end, McIntyre revealed that Phelan’s feelings might run deeper than we think:

“In the strictest definition, Pat is a psychopath. He’s myopic and, when it comes down to it, every situation is just about Pat. But it might soon turn into being about Pat and Eileen. She could start knocking his hard edges off. There’s a warming and a softening towards her.”

As for how Corrie fans react to Phelan’s double dealing villainy, McIntyre commented: “I’ve met a couple of people who are genuinely afraid. Usually, it’s older ladies who can’t quite place me but know that it’s not a good memory. So I always go over and reassure them.

“Generally, people are well disposed and you can’t get a greater compliment than someone saying, ‘I hate you, but I don’t want them to kill you yet!'”

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