Emmerdale fans are in absolute shock after Holly Barton was suddenly killed off

What. A. Twist.


Well, that was shocking. Emmerdale fans knew that Holly Barton had been locked in a bitter battle with drug addiction. But she was happy, so happy, in her new relationship with Jai Sharma.


Then suddenly, in Thursday night’s episode, she was found dead in her bed by mum Moira, having taken a heroin overdose.

Fans couldn’t hold in their emotions.

But some said the shock twist sent out the right message, that the effects of drug addiction and subsequent relapses can strike at any time.

…but mainly everyone was in awe at Natalie J Robb’s performance as Moira Barton.

Many were simply amazed Emmerdale wad been able to keep Holly’s fate such a secret.

One person who it wasn’t a shock for was Sophie Powles, the actor who plays Holly, who told us she knew from the beginning that she was going to be killed off. 


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