Home and Away: tragedy strikes when Tori’s birthday flight is sabotaged

26-30 September 2016: the jet is downed and residents set out to help the survivors


Monday 26 September


As a carbon dioxide leak fills the cabin of Tori’s birthday flight, the passengers pass out and the plane crashes. VJ and Zac receive a heartbreaking text message from Leah. When the police postpone their search until first light, Ash and Justin set out to look for the plane wreckage themselves. Brody is missing in the aftermath of the crash. 

Tuesday 27 September

Mason fears that Billie is going into early labour. The residents of Summer Bay are desperate for news about their loved ones. VJ takes matters in to his own hands and leaves to search for the plane. Leah and Billie’s lives are placed in great danger when the plane disintegrates and they get trapped inside. 

Wednesday 28 September

Celebrations are shortlived when Summer Bay learns there are still people missing. Hunter and Olivia grow closer together despite Tabitha’s best efforts. Justin sets out on a solo mission to rescue Brody. Roo and Alf try to support each other through the fear that Duncan may be lost for good. 

Thursday 29 September

Tori’s desperation to find Brody at any cost puts her exhausted search party in grave danger. Matt returns home unexpectedly and catches a hooded stranger in the apartment. Olivia confronts Tabitha when she learns that Tabitha was seen on the beach when she told Olivia she was in hospital. 


Friday 30 September

Nate accuses Tori of being unnecessarily reckless in their search for Brody. As hope of finding Duncan alive fades, Alf accepts that there may be only one way to tell him how he feels. Roo confronts Matt about the person hiding in his room. Justin and Tori find Brody lying motionless at the bottom of a cliff.