EastEnders: who is the father of Denise’s baby – Phil or Kush?

Will there be a paternity fight in Albert Square?


Is EastEnders setting up a new who’s-the-daddy storyline? It certainly looks that way thanks to Denise Fox discovering that she’s pregnant in last night’s episode of the BBC1 soap.


As fans know, Denise has recently been seen enjoying secret trysts with market-stall holder Kush Kazemi. But let’s not forget that she also had a one-night stand with Phil Mitchell back in April.

Now, you might have thought that Denise would have noticed had she’d been pregnant these last four months, but viewers did see her telling Kim and Carmel that she didn’t experience any morning sickness when she was expecting both Chelsea and Libby.

And EastEnders does have a track record when it comes to characters not noticing that they’re pregnant – Sonia, of course, failing to realise that her baby was on the way until her waters broke and she went into labour.


So the big question that viewers will now want answering is: who is the father of Denise’s baby. A thuggish mechanic with a cirrhotic liver? Or a fitness fanatic who once paraded down the street with a pumpkin covering his manhood?


One thing’s for certain: EastEnders is bound to get months of drama from this state of affairs now that Denise has had a positive result from that test kit…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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