Home and Away: the Morgan siblings face the man who killed their parents

29 August – 2 September 2016: Plus Ash agonises over what to do with Andy’s dirty money and Mayilyn and John’s foster parenting skills are put to the test


Monday 29 August


Mason makes a dangerous decision as the Morgan family prepare to leave the Bay. Marilyn is bemused by John’s reluctance to discipline Jordan. VJ and Billie’s relationship reaches breaking point. When Jordan comments that Olivia deserves better than Hunter, she starts to wonder if he is right.

Tuesday 30 August

A jealous Hunter tells Olivia that they are over, but he does not get the emotional reaction he was expecting and she coldly accepts the break-up. Nate welcomes the overtures of a new love interest in an effort to get Ricky and Tori out of his head. Disaster strikes the Morgan family when they face the man who killed their parents.

Wednesday 31 August

The Morgan family may be fractured forever in the wake of Brody’s injury. When Alf discovers that Roo reached out to Duncan, he orders her to pack her things and leave. Ash is torn over whether to use the illegally earned cash that Andy left for him to pay off the garage’s debts.

Thursday 1 September

Ash’s guilt intensifies as he continues to lie to Kat about the dodgy dealings at the garage. Marilyn and John’s skills as foster parents are seriously tested. Evie’s determination to move forward is dealt a blow when she learns that she is the sole beneficiary of Hannah’s half-million dollar life insurance policy.

Friday 2 September


Billie is guilt-ridden when VJ decides to leave school and is forced to make a heartbreaking decision. Marilyn and John finally make a breakthrough with Jordan. Evie sets out to invest her inheritance in a worthy cause. Alf remains resolute when it comes to Duncan, and tells Roo that he has thought long and hard but has not changed his mind.