Neighbours: Ned and Elly hit it off – plus Madison takes to the stage

22-26 August 2016: Plus the occupants of Number 30 receive a threatening message


Monday 22 August


When the Ramsay Street stalker makes another move, Mark suggests that Steph and Charlie stay with him until the crisis is over. Sheila is less than impressed when Gary makes friends with a lost racing pigeon. Elly presses Xanthe for the truth when she spots her arguing with Cooper. 

Tuesday 23 August

When Cooper’s mother suggests that Xanthe’s story is not true, Gary warns her to make her son behave or he will teach him a lesson himself. Elly’s attempt to play hard to get backfires when Ned arranges a date with Madison instead. Maureen Knight shows up at the hospital and reveals that Cooper has been assaulted and is unconscious. 

Wednesday 24 August

Xanthe sets out to prove Gary’s innocence when he becomes the prime suspect in Mark’s investigation. Elly pulls out all the stops to get Ned’s attention. Terese and Paul’s hotel war escalates when she makes a deal with Tim to spread negative coverage of Paul’s motel. 

Thursday 25 August

Terese is devastated when hidden cameras are found in the hotel. She deletes the footage, unaware that she has just destroyed evidence that could prove Xanthe’s allegations. Madison reluctantly takes to the stage and wows the crowd with her singing. Elly makes a disturbing discovery when she has a casual snoop in Ned’s wallet. 


Friday 26 August

Amy learns that Ryan has kept a copy of the hotel camera footage. Elly suspects that Ned still holds a torch for Lauren, and confronts him with the lock of blonde hair she found in his wallet. Paul encourages Madison to embrace her talent after initially refusing to commit to another singing gig.