Hollyoaks: Grace wants revenge on Sienna – plus Warren packs his bags

22-26 August 2016: Plus Nico has a sinister plan


Monday 22 August


Grace is furious at Sienna and wants revenge. She recruits Darren, Maxine and Tony to help her get rid of Sienna and Warren and tells them her plan.  As Grace entices Warren with a business proposition at The Loft, Darren, Tony and Maxine let themselves into the garage with Maxine’s key.

John Paul is stuck in the middle as Myra and Sally continue to argue over him.

Jesse catches Celine’s eye and she offers to give him a VERY hot stone massage, accidentally burning him in the process.

Tuesday 23 August

Warren threatens Maxine and Darren to leave him alone before things turn nasty… Meanwhile, Grace swipes Warren’s phone and keys.Grace texts Sienna from Warren’s phone and waits for her at the garage. Elsewhere, Adam tells Maxine how he feels and they go on a date.

Jesse is avoiding Celine so she doesn’t find out that she burnt him yesterday. He can’t avoid her when he goes to the hospital and she’s mortified. Jesse tells Celine that he really likes her and they kiss.

Nico’s obsession with Peri is intensifying as they enjoy a picnic in The Folly. However, she’s furious when Tom and baby Steph return.

Wednesday 24 August

One family waits anxiously at the hospital for news on a loved one who is in a life and death situation.

“Worried” about her safety with Warren around, Nico asks Peri if she can stay with her. Peri looks after Steph but Jade tells Tom about Peri bullying her.

Mercedes is worried that Myra thinks her wedding is a joke and wants to show Joe how much he means to her.

Thursday 25 August

Warren is packing his bags to leave but Sienna is desperate for him to stay. It doesn’t stop Warren wanting to go though, and Sienna is heartbroken.

James offers to help Joanne get Joe and they fake a car breakdown. Their plan is foiled when Freddie turns up instead of Joe. Later, James meets a client, Marco and sees a CCTV picture of him and Mercedes doing a drug deal.

Alfie, Jade and Tom get their GCSE results. Tom tells Peri he doesn’t ever want to see her again and Nico promises that she’ll find a way to change Tom’s mind…

Friday 26 August

Nico gives Peri some aftershave for Tom, with a sinister scent…

Mercedes and Joe are preparing to meet the priest who they’re hoping will marry them. Everything is going well until the priest asks Mercedes if she’s been married before, and then the police arrive to arrest her for intent to supply drugs.


Plus Diego finds a way to make John Paul smile.