Coronation Street: Antony Cotton on Sean and Billy’s break-up – “I’m sure I will get lots of sympathy”

There's relationship heartache on the horizon for Sean in next week's episodes


Sean Tully is to be left gobsmacked next week when boyfriend Billy Mayhew calls off their trip to London and dumps him – all so he can be with Todd Grimshaw.


“It’s all very sudden. Sean is telling Billy that he’s packed some Prosecco for the train and Billy sees Todd standing in the doorway of the florists. And that’s the catalyst which makes him realise he can’t go with Sean. Sean is absolutely floored by it,” says actor Antony Cotton.

Billy has recently been seen fighting his feelings for Todd, but the pair are to give into their passion in upcoming scenes – all of which leaves Sean very much out in the cold at No 11 Coronation Street. Adds Cotton:

“Sean, Todd and Jason are like brothers, so it is going to be very difficult for Sean living with Todd. I have filmed some later scenes and they are very emotional. It is going to have major implications for his relationship with the whole family.

“The brother code has been broken by Todd. That said, I don’t think he has done it in a deliberate or dastardly way. He is genuinely sorry it has happened. It has massive implications for every rock-solid foundation Sean has had for the last 14 years.”

For the eternally romantic Sean, his break-up with Billy is set to hit him hard and Cotton is in no doubt that viewers will be on his character’s side during this period of relationship heartache:

“I’m sure I will get lots of sympathy. Poor Daniel Brocklebank [Billy] – he is going to get some grief as he’s the one that has done the dirty on Sean.

“Sean absolutely thought that Billy was the one. Sean is Raquel, so he thinks everyone is the one, he is a romantic. Often he has been the orchestrator of his own downfall but not on this occasion.

“He wasn’t needy or clingy. He was confused because he knew something wasn’t right but he thought he had solved that problem. He has been happier with Billy than with anyone before.”

And how does the actor feel about the end of his working relationship with co-star Brocklebank: “I love working with Dan – and hopefully Sean and Billy can be friends in the future. He is a generous actor and we have a great laugh.”

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