Home and Away: Summer Bay says goodbye to Hannah and Oscar, plus Billie reveals her attack to Phoebe

27 June-1 July 2016: And Evelyn and Josh try to get married in secret, but Leah and Zac discover their plan


Monday 27 June


It is the day of the funerals, and Summer Bay says goodbye to Hannah and Oscar. Zac learns that Tank was responsible for the accident and confronts him. Billie tells Phoebe that she was attacked, but swears her to secrecy. Evelyn seizes the moment and tells Josh that she wants to marry him. 

Tuesday 28 June

Evelyn and Josh try their best to get married in secret, but Leah and Zac discover their plan and plead with them to reconsider. Andy struggles with his guilt over the accident, and when he learns that Tank is taking the blame, he heads to the police station to confess. VJ’s efforts to woo Billie seem to be working, but she is still haunted by her assault. 

Wednesday 29 June

A grieving Chris finally manages to visit Hannah’s grave to say goodbye. Andy’s confession does nothing to quash his guilt. Kat tells Leah, Alf and Roo about Andy’s involvement in the accident, and they agree not to tell Evelyn and Zac. Phoebe and Dom finally get together, only for Phoebe to discover that Dom has another lady in his life. 

Thursday 30 June

Ricky and Nate face an uphill struggle to save their relationship. Maddy pushes Matt away, unable to accept that he is okay with her new disability. Phoebe struggles to win over Dom’s daughter Bella, and she starts to wonder if getting involved with a man with a kid was a bad idea. 


Friday 1 July

Maddy thinks that she is doing Matt a favour by breaking up with him. Nate butts heads with the new doctor at the hospital, and things get worse when they apply for the same job. Ricky and Nate’s marriage grows even more fractious. Chris struggles to find meaning in the wake of Hannah’s death.