Neighbours: Paul faces danger in prison – plus Sonya makes a shocking discovery about Walter

13-17 June 2016: And Jimmy invites Charlie to play a dangerous dice game


Monday 13 June


John is haunted by vivid memories of being in the boiler room at Lassiter’s and tells Paige he thinks he was responsible for the explosion. Piper overhears Lauren and Ned arguing about whether or not to tell Brad about their kiss. Sonya discovers that Walter has another daughter, and the reason for his trip to Erinsborough becomes agonisingly clear. 

Tuesday 14 June

Brad cannot reconcile himself with the fact that Lauren kept the kiss secret from him, and in an effort to repair their relationship Lauren tells Ned to move out. A familiar face comes to the rescue when Paul is threatened by his fellow inmates. Paige is adamant that John’s alibi checks out. 

Wednesday 15 June

Ned reveals to Brad that he still has feelings for Lauren. Brad accepts Lauren’s apology but it is clear that the deception has forced a wedge between them. Piper and Tyler pour out their true feelings to each other. Paul is left exposed when Gary is granted parole. 

Thursday 16 June

Terese visits Paul in hospital following an altercation in prison, where he tells her that he will never forgive her for what she has done to him. Charlie is hurt when Jimmy sprays him with pepper spray during a dice game that involves dares. Xanthe tells Angus the truth about his mum’s cancer. 


Friday 17 June

Sonya is heartbroken after learning that she is not a bone marrow match for her sister. Amy and Steph clash over Amy’s parenting choices when she lets Jimmy go unpunished after hurting Charlie. Angus struggles to deal with the revelation about Sarah and makes the decision to leave Erinsborough.