Coronation Street star Alison King says she’s “ready to say farewell to Carla”

The actress reveals more about her exit - and Carla and Nick's upcoming wedding


Coronation Street fans will no doubt be anxious about the upcoming departure of beleaguered Carla Connor, with many wondering when and how the secret of her one-night stand with Robert will be exposed.


But actress Alison King – who has played the factory boss for a decade – is experiencing a mixture of emotions in the run-up to her exit.

“I feel calm, a bit sick and excited,” says the Corrie star. “For me, it’s about saying goodbye to some amazing people who I love working with, both cast and crew. I am ready to say farewell to Carla, but I will miss everybody here.”

Viewers have already seen Carla being blackmailed by scheming Tracy Barlow, who has threatened to reveal all about Carla’s infidelity in order to ruin her upcoming nuptials to Nick Tilsley.

Tracy has demanded that Carla encourage Nick to sell his beloved Bistro to chef Robert, who next week will be seen getting full control of the establishment. But with the business having changed hands, Tracy then tells Carla that there’s now nothing to stop her from putting Nick in the picture.

As for what Carla should do now that she’s living in fear, King has this advice: “I would get her to tell Nick and take the power away from Tracy because without power blackmailers are nothing.

“She would have to cope with the fallout from Nick but I hope they could work through it and come out the other side. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than seeing Carla tell Tracy to get lost. I would like Carla to throw herself at Nick’s mercy.”

But happy ever afters are always few and far between in soapland. And although King hopes that Carla and Nick would be able to patch things up, such relationship pressures often turn out to be insurmountable, especially when one half of a screen partnership is leaving the programme!

So what can viewers really expect to see? “I’m not entirely sure of the details as yet. It’s a good few months before we even film my leaving story. At the moment, I’m working on the scripts that build up to it, so I’m intrigued as to how it’s going to play out.”

But are there any sneaky hints about what to expect from Carla and Nick’s wedding? “Well, it’s going to be quite understated – it is her fourth time so it’s more low key.

But I’m thrilled it’s going to be at the Bistro, so we don’t have to be on location for days! But whilst the wedding might be understated and low key the drama definitely won’t be.”

And when the dust has settled, will King be looking to take any souvenirs as she takes her leave of the Corrie set for the final time? “Half the clothes are mine anyway so I will be packing a suitcase! I would love some of the quote plaques from the Bistro but I doubt I would get away with pinching them – and of course I would love to take Nick Tilsley!”

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