Home and Away: Kat is attacked and left for dead, plus Josh struggles to adapt to life back home

29 February-4 March 2016: And Skye is blown away by how remorseful her mother is and decides to stay


Monday 29 February


Despite being suspended from work, Kat obsessively investigates Charlotte. Jett and John accompany Skye back home, but an encounter with an old friend leaves her rattled and she remains on edge about meeting her mother. Phoebe asks Ash what the point of them being together is if he does not trust her, and he finally admits that Brax is still alive. 

Tuesday 1 March

Phoebe struggles over whether to tell Ricky that Brax is alive, a decision made more complicated when she discovers that Nate is going to propose to Ricky. Skye’s mum seems like a different person but as soon as Jett and John leave she shows her true colours. While searching through Denny’s things looking for clues connecting her to Charlotte, Kat is attacked from behind and left for dead. 

Wednesday 2 March

Ash rescues Kat and discovers that Charlotte may have been behind the attack. Emerson searches Kat’s apartment and confiscates her laptop. Josh finds it difficult to adjust to life at home and refuses to attend the formal. Matt overhears Asia and Oscar discussing their kiss and is sworn to secrecy, but Maddy soon learns the truth. 

Thursday 3 March

After learning about Oscar’s infidelity, Maddy ends the relationship. Irene struggles to remain composed and her strong façade begins to crack. Hannah tries to get through to Josh by reminding him that it was Andy who fought to keep him on life support when the doctors wrote off his chances. 


Friday 4 March

The entire Bay searches for Oscar after his clothes are found on the beach, but as bad weather sets in, the search is suspended and his loved ones start to fear the worst. After arguing with Olivia, Irene arrives home with a bottle of vodka – is she heading down a dark path? Nate’s proposal is sabotaged once again when he drops the ring down the sink.