Neighbours: tension flares between Doug and Lauren, plus Charlie gets upset with Steph

8-12 February 2016: And Susan, Karl and Sonya make a video for Sonyaʼs mayoral campaign


Monday 8 February


Lynʼs plan to reunite Steph and Charlie backfires when Toadie insists that there cannot be any contact between them. Doug falls out with Lauren and seeks out Terese for a compassionate ear. Kyle is taken aback by Amyʼs new bronzed and sophisticated look after Xanthe gives her a makeover. 

Tuesday 9 February

Charlie and Steph finally come face-to-face but Charlie is still upset with her about the last time they met. Paige moves the wedding time forward a few hours so that Doug will be at his best. Mark learns some disturbing news about Paige and their wedding hangs in the balance. 

Wednesday 10 February

Susan, Karl and Sonya make a video for Sonyaʼs mayoral campaign and put it online, but she is shocked by the internet haters. Her fears are compounded after an encounter with Tim Collinsʼ campaign manager which makes her think twice about running. Paul persuades a disorientated Doug to invest in his motel. 

Thursday 11 February

Tim Collins tries to bribe Sonya to drop out of the mayoral campaign race. Piper films Courtney and Tim in a compromising position and offers it to Sonya as a smoking gun. When Sonya refuses to use it, Piper uploads it herself, only to discover that she has got things very, very wrong. 


Friday 12 February

Piper is under fire when her muckraking video goes viral. Aaron steps in and takes the blame, but when Tim threatens him with a lawsuit Piper confesses that it was her fault. Paul hastily organises a business seminar to find investors. Kyle receives birthday mail from people from his past.