Emmerdale: Jimmy King’s sons to make a surprise return

Both Elliot and Carl will be back in their dad's life next week


Jimmy King (Nick Miles) is to get a double shock next week when both his sons return to the village. But while Jimmy is pleased to be a dad again to both Elliot and Carl, it seems that Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) isn’t quite as happy with the situation…


Events start to unfold in scenes to be shown on Tuesday 12 January when Jimmy finds out that Eliot’s mum Kelly has left her boy with Bob. And it isn’t long before the cafe owner is asking Jimmy to look after the lad indefinitely.

Nicola, though, has become determined to secure the family’s financial future following Jimmy’s mismanaging of the business – so she is horrified when he agrees to Bob’s proposal.

Nicola will also be seen admitting to Rodney that she was devastated about not being able to have more children and doesn’t feel happy about raising Elliot.

But a blissfully unaware Jimmy is growing increasingly regretful about losing contact with his other son Carl and decides to call Juliette to see how he’s doing.

Juliette later arrives with Carl, telling Jimmy she’s glad he called as she’s been struggling since her partner left and thinks Jimmy could be the answer to her prayers. Nicola is aghast to see Jimmy has now taken Carl in as well! Suddenly the house is starting to look much too full for Nicola’s liking. But will she voice her concerns to Jimmy?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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