Coronation Street: will Sarah die after being hit by Tim’s van?

A drunk Sarah dices with death during a shock collision in the coming weeks


Sarah (Tina O’Brien) will return to Weatherfield with a bang in the coming weeks when she’s hit by Tim Metcalfe’s van.


The accident happens when Sarah makes her comeback from Milan in a seemingly upbeat mood, only for David to insist that she’s putting on an act.

As David tests Sarah by suggesting she step foot into the annexe where Callum is buried, she flees No 8 Coronation Street in a state.

After going on to get horribly drunk in the Rovers, Sarah ends up pouring her heart out to vicar Billy, only to be witnessed by David.

David then argues with Sarah about her actions, but when she stumbles off in the direction of Victoria Court she gets knocked to the floor by an oncoming Tim in his window-cleaning van.

But it seems that a greater shock could be to come when Sarah is rushed to hospital…Find out what happens when Corrie airs these scenes on Wednesday 2 December.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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