Coronation Street: David to frame Sarah for killing Callum? Jack P Shepherd interview

"If push came to shove, he'd definitely dob Sarah in rather than Kylie"

The Platts’ united front looks set to crumble next week when a panicky David threatens to shop Sarah to the police in the wake of Callum’s death.


“Sarah is David’s sister, but if push came to shove, he’d definitely dob Sarah in rather than Kylie,” says actor Jack P Shepherd. “He’d just try to blame everything on Sarah and say, ‘I’ve got no idea, she did it all, isn’t she terrible, send her down!'”

The family has been covering its tracks ever since Kylie killed Callum during the live episode of the ITV soap, with the drug dealer’s corpse currently stashed down a manhole at No 8.

But the pressure looks set to get too much for Sarah when she lets slip some details of that fateful night to local vicar Billy.

“David finds out about what she’s done and asks Sarah if she’s planning a confession. He wants to know exactly what she told Billy.

“Sarah says that she didn’t confess, she just told him that she’d been beaten up by her ex-boyfriend and things got out of hand. She didn’t tell him it was Callum. But David’s fuming because, of course, Billy’s going to think it was Callum.

“David’s then forced to threaten Sarah to shut her up before she tells anyone anything else!”

Of course, secrets never stay buried for long in soapland, so it’s surely only a matter of time anyway before Callum’s body resurfaces? 

“It’s a soap so you would expect the body to be discovered at some point,” admits Shepherd. “But, at the moment, I’m just enjoying trying to work out who’s going to crack first. Becasue I’m sure more people will find out about the body before it’s dug up.”

Upcoming episodes will see David making it plain that he wants a terrified Sarah and her daughter Bethany to return to Milan for good – an uncompromising attitude which suggests that the return of the dark side to David’s personality might not be so far away. So is ‘Bad David’ making a comeback?

“Well, he could be, yeah. I guess it depends on how many more people do find out about it and the lengths he has to go to to cover their tracks and hold the family together.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of episodes of Coronation Street below.


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