Neighbours: Brad and Lauren kiss, Amy tries to reach out to Kyle, while Russell erupts at Ben

15-18 September: Plus Toadie is left helpless when Nell runs outside on to the driveway


Monday 14 September


Daniel finds that Terese has been skipping her AA meetings. Meanwhile Brad and Lauren have been making jam together, and there is undeniable chemistry. When Brad confronts Terese about AA, she blames him for her drinking and he storms out, ending up at Laurenʼs place. 

Tuesday 15 September

After her night with Brad, Lauren wants to pretend that nothing happened. Brad knows that secrets eventually come out and resolves to be honest with Terese. Brad returns home to find Terese finally ready to confront her drinking problem, and agrees with Lauren to delay telling her the truth. Then Paul forwards an email containing a picture of Brad and Lauren together, and Terese goes off the deep end. 

Wednesday 16 September

Angry with Bradʼs betrayal, Terese is determined to blow the scandal wide open. Toadie is finally home from the hospital, but Sonya is nervous about the challenges they will face. Tyler and Russell team up to play a practical joke on Ben, but when Ben retaliates, Russell explodes with rage and Tyler is thrown right back to their troubled past. 

Thursday 17 September

Karl can barely keep his temper with Russell, and he wonders whether to tell Sheila about Russellʼs abusive behaviour. Aaron offers himself as Nateʼs man-slave for the week, but when he confesses his true feelings, Nate laughs it off as a joke, leaving Aaron crushed. Toadie is unable to follow Nell when she runs into the road just as Sonya drives up. 


Friday 18 September

Sonya just barely escapes hitting Nell with the car. Paul is considering asking Naomi to marry him, but the cynical Naomi unknowingly scuppers his plans. Mark offers his savings to Russell to help him buy the garage and stay in Erinsborough, but Tyler is not happy with the idea of his dad staying around forever.