Neighbours: Toadie to be left paralysed following shock accident, while Ben’s past catches up with him

24-28 August: Plus Joshʼs masquerade continues and he starts to text Amber as ʻPhoebeʼ

Monday 24 August


Russell and Tyler spend the day together, but Tyler is unsure about giving his father a second chance. When Amber starts texting ʻPhoebeʼ, Josh has no choice but to maintain the online persona and text her back. Disaster strikes at Naomiʼs childcare centreʼs open day when Toadie falls from an unsecured bouncy castle. 

Tuesday 25 August

Toadie tells the doctors that he cannot feel his legs, and testing reveals that his old bullet wound was aggravated during the fall. Imogen and Danielʼs relationship goes public and they face up to lunch with Terese and Brad. Paul vows to help a distraught Naomi through the debacle at the open day. 

Wednesday 26 August

Naomi is stunned when she realises that she is to blame for the accident. Toadie is in complete denial when he is told the extent of his condition, and Karl warns Sonya that he will spend significant time in a wheelchair regardless of the final prognosis. Paul puts pressure on Kyle to rehire Amy so that she will not leave Erinsborough. 

Thursday 27 August

Paul gets his lawyer to fish for information from the Rebecchis over whether they intend to sue. Nate is crushed when he learns that Chris is seeing someone else, so Sheila plays matchmaker and sets him up with Aaron. Ben blows everyone away at the concert audition, but his joy is short-lived. 


Friday 28 August

Ben records a video of himself explaining what happened and how stupid it was to take risqué photos. Amber inadvertently tells Josh that Lauren has been flirting with Brad. Amber is confronted by a loved-up Daniel and Imogen, and confesses to Paige that seeing them together is painful for her.