Home and Away: Brax finally meets baby Casey, while Alf becomes agitated during his first therapy sessions

20-24 July: Plus Andy punches Oliver, the guy who flirted with Hannah at the gig. And Maddy gets some positive news about her cancer treatment


Monday 20 July


Nat tells Matt that he could avoid jail if he gives up the other people that were involved in the robbery. Alfʼs first therapy session with his psychologist Maria does not go well and he storms out. Ricky returns home from the hospital and takes the baby to meet Brax for the first time. 

Tuesday 21 July

Brax is crestfallen when Ricky brings the baby to see him in prison, but the pair manage to agree on a name. Maria persuades Alf to have one more therapy session at which he finally opens up about his guilt over his tour in Vietnam. Billie misinterprets a music lesson between Phoebe and Chris as a date. 

Wednesday 22 July

After being confronted by Ash about her meddling, Billie apologises to Phoebe and Kyle for spreading false rumours. Andy and Hannah break up after he punches Oliver, the guy who flirted with Hannah at the gig, insisting that it is only a matter of time before she cheats on him. Nate and Kat try to switch off from work on their day off but duty calls when they spot the altercation between Andy and Oliver. 

Thursday 23 July

Nate informs Maddy that her tumour has got smaller and the chemotherapy seems to be working. Leah encourages Oscar to accept that he has feelings for Maddy but he is reluctant to admit the truth. Leah gets flustered during a career guidance talk at school and snaps at Maddy, and when Zac finds out he contemplates firing her. 

Friday 24 July


Zac tells Leah that she will need to take a step back from work if she continues to refuse to get treatment for her aneurysm. Maddy and Oscar are blissfully unaware that they have feelings for each other. When Leah does not return home, Zac and Alf go off in search of her and find her car abandoned on the side of the road.