Home and Away: Alf is rushed to hospital after collapsing, while Maddy opts to stay in Summer Bay

15-19 June: Plus Ash prepares to do a drop for Gunno, only for Kyle to take his place


Monday 15 June


Alf is airlifted to hospital after being found in a ditch, having spent a night in the trenches. After much soul-searching, Maddy decides to move back home with her mum. Ash tells Ricky that he has agreed to smuggle drugs into prison to protect Brax from Gunno. Nate feels responsible for the accident, but Leah reassures him that he owes her his life. 

Tuesday 16 June

Alf is disappointed when he learns that he has to stay in hospital for Anzac Day, inspiring Jett and the other teens to organise a special service for him. Oscar reminds Maddy that family is not always just about blood and she decides to stay in Summer Bay after all. One of Gunnoʼs henchmen gives Ash a bag full of cash for the drop-off, but he cannot shake the feeling that he is being set up. 

Wednesday 17 June

Phoebe and Kat bond over some wine, talking about the hopeless men in their lives but admitting that they may have made mistakes, leading Kat to turn up drunk at Nateʼs place. Alf is devastated when Tom, the veteran in the bed next to him, passes away. Kyle is concerned that Ash is putting Denny through a repeat of the situation with Casey, so he takes Ashʼs place for the drop. 

Thursday 18 June

Kat decides that it is finally time to be honest and loudly declares to Nate that she wants to give things another go. After visiting his dad in hospital, Spencer decides to move back home in order to be with his parents. John, Marilyn and the teens join forces to plan the Summer Bay Anzac ceremony. Andy returns home to find Hannah walking again. 

Friday 19 June


Spencer says goodbye to Maddy and bows out of the Bay for good. Evie tells Matt to stop sulking, prompting him to disappear. Ash tells Denny that he had a brother who died while serving in Afghanistan. Leah tells Zac how much she loves him after he organises a surprise picnic. The whole Bay turns up to pay their respects at the Anzac Day service.