Home and Away spoilers: Brax gets beaten up, sparking a prison riot in the process

1-5 June: Plus Ash and Denny take their relationship to the next level, while Matt resurfaces but is looking worse for wear


Monday 1 June


Zac and VJ are overjoyed when Leah wakes up, but Zac feels guilty that he was just about to give up on the pair of them. Maddy is downbeat after learning that her chemotherapy is not working and admits to Oscar that she cannot fight any more, but he refuses to give up and tells her to stop wallowing and realise how many people want to help her. Gunno threatens Brax over his association with Ash and before he knows it, Brax is cornered by Gunno and his entourage and a brawl ensues. 

Tuesday 2 June

Maddy turns up at the Colour Run and declares that she is going to take part. Brax is badly hurt in the jail brawl but refuses to tell the guards who was responsible. Meanwhile, Ash learns about the fight but keeps Ricky in the dark. Kat challenges Nate to race her in the Colour Run and ropes in an unwitting Chris to help her win. Kyle makes a surprise proposal to Pheobe after they take part in a spontaneous musical concert. 

Wednesday 3 June

Phoebe is not impressed with Kyleʼs impromptu proposal in front of half of the Bay and the fallout risks tearing them apart. Ash and Denny spend a romantic day together, culminating in a passionate night in Ashʼs caravan. Roo and Ash spot Kat doing the walk of shame after spending the night with Kyle. Hannah manages to stand for the first time since her accident. 

Thursday 4 June

Denny is perturbed after spending the night with Ash and considers breaking up with him. Matt finally resurfaces but is in combative mood, and when Evie catches him with a bottle of booze he gets defensive and refuses to talk about this drinking problem. Andy is determined to make Hannah proud of him and studies even harder for his personal trainer qualification. 

Friday 5 June


Leah returns from the hospital with Zac and VJ but finds it hard to readjust to life back home. When Jett asks John why they do not hold an annual Anzac Day ceremony in Summer Bay, he sets out on a mission to build a war memorial for the forthcoming remembrance day. Evie does her best to help Matt get over losing Sasha but when he suddenly kisses her she storms out.