Neighbours spoilers: Imogen injures Nate, while Ezra Hanley reappears in town

18-22 May: Plus Daniel is in shock after Amberʼs confession. And Paige is dragged into Michelleʼs crime ring

Monday 18 May


The news that Paige knew the truth before he did is the final straw for Daniel and he leaves Amber, but not before asking her to keep the baby secret from Josh. Concerned that Naomi will be yet another in the string of women destined for Paulʼs scrap pile, Sheila confronts him and gives him a harsh reality check. When Kyle is struck down with gastroenteritis it is up to Georgia to try and salvage a major contract. 

Tuesday 19 May

Paige tries to appease Michelle by offering her a token amount of money to replace the stolen car, but unwittingly finds herself caught up in the racket. Naomi is devastated when Paul claims that what he felt for her was not real, but the decision to call things off is hurting him more than he can reveal. Imogen and Nate get into a heated debate about the pros and cons of cycling which culminates in a rather unfortunate accident. 

Wednesday 20 May

Paige tells Tyler that she will help him at the garage until they can figure a way out of this mess. A surprising friendship forms between Imogen and Nate after the accident. Naomi hands in her notice but after a backlash from Terese and Lauren she changes her mind and decides to stay on in a strictly professional capacity. Terese is beside herself when she learns that Ezra Hanley is her new boss. 

Thursday 21 May

Ezra pushes Terese harder and harder, eventually breaking her resolve and forcing her to consider resigning. Danni fears that she is facing jail time for Mattʼs accident and tells Josh that he should not feel obliged to help her. Amber tries to bridge the gap with Daniel, but when the couple bump into Josh and Danni a fight breaks out. While searching through Nickʼs files, Karl is shocked to learn that Georgiaʼs mum was one of his patients. 

Friday 22 May


Terese quits, telling Ezra that he is the most repugnant man she has ever met. Meanwhile, Brad receives word that Ezraʼs son will be starting at school. Daniel opens up to Imogen about why the incident with Josh has caused him so much angst. Georgia spots Karl and Rhonda chatting and suspects that something is wrong, leading her mum to admit that her cancer has returned.