Emmerdale spoilers: new twist in Debbie, Ross, Pete love triangle is revealed

Debbie will find herself beholden to bad boy Ross after she makes a big mistake

Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) is to become embroiled with Ross Barton (Michael Parr) after she makes a rash disclosure.


“A lot of people know that we’ve got a love triangle between Debbie, Pete and Ross brewing. Debbie’s really happy with Pete at the moment but she’s about to make a huge mistake and blow the family secret,” said series producer Kate Oates. “She’s about to tell everybody what Emma did to Ross when he was a baby.”

Viewers already know that Ross’s mum Emma (Gillian Kearney) tried to smother him when he was an infant, but the dark history at the heart of the Barton clan has so far remained hidden from the village at large. But when the truth is exposed, Debbie is made to feel beholden to Ross, jeopardising her relationship with his brother Pete (Anthony Quinlan) in the process.

Speaking to ITV’s This Morning about Ross’s reaction to Debbie’s indiscretion, Oates added: “Not only does that really hurt Ross, it also makes him think that she owes him.

“So when he gets himself into some serious trouble with some serious ne’er-do-wells, there’s only one person he’s going to turn to for his Girl Friday. The question will be: is Debbie going to help him out or not?”

The Emmerdale boss previously hinted back in January that Debbie would once again find herself attracted to Ross. “Ross will always be a thorn in his brother’s side and Debbie always does like a bad boy. So will it cause problems or can Debbie remain focused and stay with the man who really would make her happiest?” Oates said at the time.

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