EastEnders spoilers: who is the father of Kim Fox’s baby?

New mum Kim will keep vigil over premature daughter Pearl in scenes to be shown next week


Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) is to be left fearful of the future next week as she struggles to adjust to life with a premature baby.


EastEnders fans saw Kim give birth to her daughter Pearl two months early during scenes shown on Thursday. But a fallout with Denise (Diane Parish) saw Kim reject her sister’s offer of support.

Now, though, in the episode to be broadcast on Monday 23 February, Denise will visit the hospital despite Kim’s wishes for her to start away. Finding Kim too frightened to visit her newborn, Denise offers to go with her and together they watch over the baby in an incubator.

Later in the week, Kim will be seen continuing her vigil over the baby and wondering whether what happened might be a punishment from God. Denise tells her she’s being silly, but Kim doesn’t want to take any chances and suggests that the baby should be christened as soon as possible.

On Friday, as the christening finishes, Denise asks Kim about her baby’s father. Kim is vague but Denise presses her. In the end, Kim finally cracks and admits the dad doesn’t exist – she made him up to impress Denise and the baby’s real dad is actually a one-night stand…


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