Neighbours pays homage to EastEnders at 30: Welcome to EastErinsborough!

Susan Kennedy finds herself in a parallel universe in a video that will mess with soap fans' heads...


The cast of Australian soap Neighbours have only gone and done a tribute to EastEnders.


It’s in celebration of Walford’s 30th anniversary and the ongoing ‘Who killed Lucy Beale?’ plot – and it’s, like, totally meta. Karl Kennedy even talks about how rubbish soaps are and ponders why anyone would want to watch a show about other people’s lives. He should know: Neighbours also celebrates its 30th later this year.

Then after slipping on some milk, Susan Kennedy finds herself in a parallel EastErinsborough universe. There’s a wannabe Mitchell brother (Paul Robinson in a leather jacket) calling everyone darling and looking for people to deck. We get a reenactment of the moment Kat told Zoe she was her ‘muvva’ – cue a lot of lippy and animal print – and in the holiday spirit we all know and love from EastEnders, Karl is suddenly filing for divorce (again) at Christmas, even though it’s February…

EastEnders continues tonight at 7:30pm


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