Emmerdale spoilers: Rachel brings the REAL Archie back to the village in shock cliffhanger

Actress Gemma Oaten reveals all about the surprise twist that left Jai open-mouthed with horror

Well, the surprises keep coming on Emmerdale. First Rachel Breckle turns up just in time to send Charity to prison, then she reveals that the boy Jai ‘purchased’ last year isn’t their son after all!


Yes, during a showdown at the factory (where else!) in tonight’s double bill, Rachel revealed that she hadn’t been in reheb at all and that the child Jai had been looking after isn’t Archie…

Here, actress Gemma Oaten chats to RadioTimes.com about this week’s explosive plotlines and whether Rachel will now let Jai be a part of Archie’s life:

Now, this is potentially quite a dark plotline for Jai, who could now be embroiled in a child-trafficking scam…
Yes, I was talking to Chris Bisson about how unsettling it all is. Look at how easily this child has been given to Jai and how easily he’s been taken in by it all. In his heart, all Jai wanted was his son back. But I reckon viewers are going to be knocked for six by all this.

All the villagers and the viewers at home have been under the impression that Rachel has been in rehab – and now we’ve found that it isn’t true!
Yes, and Rachel has been totally oblivious to all this! It’s all very cleverly plotted and written. As far as the villages knew, Rachel was in rehab. And people were even starting to wonder whether she was still alive. Jai’s been accused of killing her. Charity’s been accused of killing her. Ali doesn’t know where her sister is. In fact, when I was filming the scenes with Kelli Hollis [Ali] and Liam Fox [Dan], we had to get our heads around who knew what. All that’s been very funny and great to play.

And as the storyline goes forward, how will Rachel react – will she want Jai to be a part of Archie’s life? He has been showing a dark side to his personality of late…
Obviously, Rachel hasn’t got a heart of stone. She recognises that Jai is the dad. There were two of them on that oh-so-romantic night in the factory! But as the secrets start coming out and Rachel discovers that Jai paid someone off without even checking whether she was alive, she starts to realise that this was all totally underhand. Rachel has serious doubts. But when Jai wants something, he’ll go for it. He’s a clever man and he’ll be ready to manipulate the situation.

How easy was it to get back into the swing of it at Emmerdale?
On my first day back, I was in the courtroom. So I wasn’t even in the studio for the first week. That was really surreal. And I remember feeling physically sick when the taxi driver picked me up. It felt like the first day of school. But when I got there, all I got was hug after hug after hug. And when Kelli appeared, she nearly crushed me to death. We’ve missed each other a hell of a lot. When I got back into the studio, it was like I’d never been away. In fact, it’s even better second time around. They hadn’t even taken my name off the dressing room door.


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below: