Ramsay Street irregulars: the famous faces who’ve guest-starred in Neighbours

Neighbours has created many a star, and it's seen quite a few pass through Erinsborough, too...


Has it really (nearly) been 30 years since the good people of Erinsborough became a part of the TV universe?


As well as entertaining millions around the globe for three decades, and launching the careers of many a dodgy pop star (and a couple of quite good ones), Neighbours has also hosted its fair share of cameos from established celebrities.

And as we’re in the anniversary year, we thought you might enjoy a trip down memory lane. Or rather, Ramsay Street…

Clive James

Broadcaster Clive James swapped chat shows for a postal round in Neighbours in 1996. Script writer Helen MacWhirter said of his performance, “Clive’s such a spunk. From what I can recall though, I think I wrote a lot more for his character than what eventually appeared on the screen, so I’d say some of Clive’s best work may have ended up on the cutting room floor. He didn’t do too badly – although I don’t think he’ll be hearing the words ‘And the Oscar goes to…’ anytime in the near future.” But only because Neighbours is not a film, right Helen…?

Pet Shop Boy

Just another quiet day on Ramsay Street in 1995. But then, wait, there’s a white sports car roaring up and it’s none other than Chris Lowe from the Pet Shop Boys asking for directions. “I’m looking for a recording studio, which is around here somewhere,” he explains.

David Walliams and Matt Lucas

In 2007 a dodgy dinner date is over-shadowed by the arrival of Little Britain stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas as popular duo Lou and Andy. If anything, it’s a good job they’re there to distract viewers from the awful conversation going on…

Emma Bunton

When Dr Karl and Susan Kennedy took a trip to London in 2007, they bumped into none other than Spice Girl Emma Bunton. Karl has no idea who she is, but luckily Susan is a Spice Girls fan…

Lily Allen

Another female pop star who made an appearance alongside Karl Kennedy (what is it with him and the famous ladies?) is Lily Allen. She even sang a little tune during her 2009 cameo.

Julian Clary

Back in London, it’s the turn of Julian Clary to take the cameo spotlight in Neighbours. It seems fans have had some fun with this clip, but the general gist of the famous comedian is clear.

Shane Warne

In 2006 Aussie cricket star Shane Warne made a trip to Harold’s as himself. Boyd got his bat signed and a picture taken, while a few poked fun at the sportsman’s ruffled hair.

Derek Nimmo

In 1990, the late comic actor Derek Nimmo – perhaps best known for Radio 4’s Just A Minute – took on a cameo role as an eccentric member of the aristocracy. Lord Ledgerwood owned a castle in the UK, in which regular cast members Madge and Harold Bishop stayed during one of their holidays.

Dave Batista 

WWE star Dave Batista dropped by Ramsay Street during a promotional tour of Australia in June 2009. Here he’s seen filming scenes with wrestling fans Callum Jones (Morgan Baker) and Jarrod ‘Toadfish’ Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney). Dave’s now an actor, and recently starred in Marvel blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy. Could it be his Neighbours appearance that inspired the change of career?

Batista’s cameo on Neighbours by LondonOntGuy

Paula Abdul


At the beginning of 2014, pop star and American Idol judge Paula Abdul took in the sights of Australia before dropping in at Lassiter’s, Neighbour’s famous pub, where she enjoyed a beverage with none other than Dr Karl Kennedy. Abdul told Confidential she was basically playing herself because it’s the only thing she can do. “I suck at everything else”.