Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

24-28 November: Grace suffers a shock accident, while Sinead’s pregnancy secret is out and in the lead-up to Diane and Tony’s wedding


Monday 24 November


Lindsey receives her paternity test results, while Freddie is under suspicion from the police. A family is ripped apart as the murder investigation shifts up a gear. Esther guesses the truth about Sinead’s secret.

Tuesday 25 November

Diane suspects Tony is up to his old tricks when she spies him with another woman at the Hutch. She’s closer to the truth than she thinks when she discovers Sinead’s latest secret. Lockie’s good deed for his brother could turn out to have serious consequences. Cameron pushes Ziggy too far and Trevor tries to make Grace see what’s more important – revenge or happiness…

Wednesday 26 November

It’s Diane and Tony’s wedding day…what could possibly go wrong?   Will Sinead and Tony’s secret be exposed by a surprise guest?  In the wake of last night’s accident at the Loft, Lindsey wonders who she can trust. Leela and Tegan make up and Jason lies to Holly to avoid the wedding.

Thursday 27 November

Diane is faced with a life-changing decision, while Jason is in turmoil about his upcoming charity boxing match. Kim is shocked when Lindsey tells her about Freddie’s past and realises she has to make sure he gets what he deserves. Leela and Tegan suspect a potential new buyer for their home is not what he seems.

Friday 28 November


Cameron does everything he can to protect his family…but will it be enough? Jason’s relief when the boxing match is cancelled is short-lived as Robbie steps in to help and Rick gets a money-spinning idea.  Nancy can’t bear to see Patrick with Minnie and tries to intervene.