Coronation Street spoilers – Liz tells Jim: “Leave Peter alone!” Beverley Callard interview

But how will Liz react to her ex-husband's shock ultimatum?

Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard) is to pay Jim (Charles Lawson) another visit in prison next week as she tries to get him to leave a beleaguered Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) alone.


Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) has asked Liz to try and convince her ex-husband to call off the dogs where Peter is concerned. Liz states her case to Jim and pleads with him to leave Peter in peace, if only for the sake of the Barlows. But Jim agrees on one condition: that Liz continues to visit him regularly. Just how will Liz respond? Actress Beverley Callard gives us the latest.

How has Liz been feeling since seeing Jim again?
It’s completely unnerved her. She’s really falling for Tony, but suddenly because Jim is back in their lives. It’s awoken lots of nightmares because there is a massive connection between them.

Has she missed him while he’s been inside, or was she determined to cut him out of her life?
She was really determined to cut him out of her life because something always goes wrong when he’s around. She could cope when it was out of sight out of mind, but now that he’s resurfaced it is a struggle.

Was she hoping he might have changed?
She knows he won’t change, but that’s the reason why she’ll always love him because they have had so much history together. A lot of what he’s done he’s done for her. He never does anything for bad reasons – he does it because he has completely the best intentions, but it always goes wrong.

Is she tempted to see him again herself?
She’s tempted to go and see him to say, “you stay away from Steve”. She thinks that she can dominate Jim, which sometimes she does and then it swaps over and he dominates her. She feels because Steve is her baby that she has got to do everything she can.

What does she make of Jim’s involvement in the situation with Peter?
She thinks that Jim is manipulating the whole situation and doing it all deliberately.

How does she react when Deirdre begs her to visit him? What happens when she gets to the prison?
She goes to see him and tells him he must leave Peter alone. She says she’s there for Deirdre and Ken – they are the grandparents of Jim and Liz’s grandchild too. That’s why she goes, really, because of family and Amy. She doesn’t care about Peter Barlow at all. But now Jim actually says, “I will leave Peter alone as long as I get regular visits from you”.

How does she respond to his ultimatum?
She’s horrified but she agrees to that because she thinks that once the trial is over, she will be able to stop going to see him.

Does she secretly want to start visiting Jim again?
She knows that she shouldn’t go and see him. But now she’s got the perfect excuse to go and see him – and when she does, she gets dressed up. She deliberately goes to see him hoping that he thinks she’s doing well and she would be absolutely destroyed if he didn’t find her attractive

What would you suggest she do if she were a friend of yours?
If she were my friend I would say to her, “don’t go anywhere near him”. But I know she can’t help herself.

What’s it been like to have Charlie back? Have you and Simon enjoyed having more of the McDonalds back together again?
Absolutely amazing, but I also really enjoy working with Terence. So the dynamic of having Liz’s two different lives is great for me. Tony has that dark side that Liz is always attracted to.

What’s the best thing about working with Charlie?
There’s just a short-hand there – we pick up where we left off years ago. And we all have such a good laugh.

If Tony and Jim were to come face to face, who would win?
It would be the clash of the titans. I don’t know who would win because they both would be such sore losers that they’d resort to any tactics to win.

Which man is the better one for her?
On the face of it Tony, but that’s because as yet she is totally unaware of everything that is going on with him.


Are viewers likely to be surprised by how Liz deals with Jim this time?
I hope so – all the viewers want them to be together; that is what they tell me on twitter. They all want them back together and are worried about Liz being with Tony because of what they know about him.