The 10 best UFO hot spots

As Joey Essex travels to Area 51 and the Extraterrestrial Highway in America, we thought we'd investigate the best places to see a UFO around the world...


Once again we’re set to be treated to the inner workings of Joey Essex’s mind. Yes, Educating Joey Essex is back (9pm 2nd September on ITV2), and this time he travels to Alabama, Vegas and the Nevada Desert to learn about… paranormal goings on.


“Space Cadet is the strangest and weirdest episode [of Educating Joey Essex] and you’ll see that when you watch it,” says Joey. “I do believe in aliens. I know for a fact there is something out there.”

Struck by the paranormal groups and enigmatic military bases in this mysterious area of America, Joey’s on a mission to convince people that alien life exists. “Most people think aliens aren’t real, but if you’d seen what I’ve see you’d think differently,” he says.

During his trip, he was taken aback by a woman who claims that she was abducted by extra-terrestrials. “I couldn’t work out if she was an alien at the start,” he says, “I still don’t know to this day… at first I thought she was nuts, but I went to an abduction meeting with about 20 [abductees] and they were all talking about the same things, so I sort of had to believe it. I got convinced.”

He also admits he was witness to some bizarre goings on during the trip, “I heard strange things in my ears, there was a radioactivity [reading]. I was driving through the desert and I could just about see a white dome with people,” says Joey, “We also saw one thing on camera, it was like a little light, but I don’t know if it was a UFO.”

If you’re inspired by Joey’s bizarre discoveries and think he may have a point, follow our top ten places to investigate paranormal goings on…

1. California, United States
Sightings began in 1947, in Los Angeles, and since then hundreds of people have jumped on the bandwagon. This spooky area of the US has had more UFO sightings than anywhere else in the country. UFOs are commonly spotted along the Pacific Coast Highway, from San Diego to San Francisco. We’re sure that alien movies such as Independence Day and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (both filmed in the state) have added fuel to the fire.

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2. Warminster, Wiltshire

Who would have thought that aliens would be interested in the sleepy town of Warminster? But in 1961 it was reported that four people in the area saw a UFO leaving a trail of sparks. In 1964, more odd happenings occurred. Eye-witnesses claim they were woken up by peculiar sounds (like twigs or leaves being pulled over the roof and a chimney crashing to the ground). The ancient and mysterious site of Stonehenge is not too far away, adding to intrigue in the area. Since the ’60s numerous investigators have come to town to skywatch on Cradle Hill for unidentified flying objects in the sky.

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3. Nazca City, Peru

A couple of hundred miles from the capital of Lima, there are hundreds of weird giant shapes, otherwise known as ancient geoglyphs, which have been there since 1927. These full-scale designs can only be seen in their entirety from an altitude of around 1500 feet, and, as the ancient Nazca people couldn’t fly, it’s prompted academics to wonder why on earth they were created. Alien enthusiasts believe that they were built as spacecraft landing strips. One of the figures even looks like a man waving goodbye.

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4. The Falkirk Triangle, Scotland

The town of Bonnybridge supposedly gets a whopping 300 sightings a year, and local residents have consistently asked for a proper government investigation into these oddities. Previous witnesses have seen flying discs, floating cigar-shaped objects, and cubes. Could it be life from another planet? Or is the whisky a little strong in Bonnybridge?

5. The Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada

The Nevada State Route 375 is what American road trips were made for. But not only is this dusty desert road ideal for donning a Stetson and cranking up the Hank Williams, it goes pretty close to top secret air force base Area 51, where it’s believed all the abandoned space ships get taken after they crash in the US of A. Local authorities have fully embraced their relationship with aliens, and in 1996 named the road the Extra-terrestrial Highway. Even if you don’t see a flying saucer or ET trying to make his way home, you can snap a picture under the famous road sign or stop at Little A’Le’Inn, in the town of Rachel, for an alien burger. 

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6. UFO Trail, Chile

Up in the Andes, you may get more than just a spectacular view. The UFO Trail is a 19-mile stretch, which winds through gulp-worthy scenery and also is believed to have an alien airport on it. If you want to find a being from another planet, take a two to three day hike to an elevation of 2,286 metres, to the area of El Enladrillado, where the spaceships are supposed to land. You’ll find it hard to find a local who hasn’t seen eerie sightings in the area.

7. Mexico City, Mexico

During a solar eclipse in 1991, everything started getting a bit fishy in Mexico City, people started spotting UFOs left, right and centre. In the mid-’90s, someone managed to get some proper footage on a camcorder, while the UFO was flying over a restricted airspace. Then later, in 2005, thousands of people witnessed hundreds of lights and objects moving around in the sky. 

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8. Wycliffe Well, Australia
UFO spotters date back to World Ward II in this little spot on the Stuart Highway between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek. The Wycliffe Well Holiday Park seems to be a particular attraction. They have lots of UFO paraphernalia, alien statues and souvenirs to get you in the UFO-spotting mood. If that fails, you can always visit the spectacular sacred Aboriginal natural rock formation – the Devils Marbles. This site is a sight to behold, two giant rocks uncannily stand in the desert, and other globe-shaped heaps are scattered around the terrain.

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9. Broad Haven, Wales

Named after the Bermuda Triangle, the “Broad Haven Triangle” shot to fame in the ’70s, when 14 school children from Broadhaven Primary School supposedly saw a UFO craft in the field next to their school, with a 7ft being in a silver outfit coming out of it. After running back and telling their head teacher, he sceptically asked them to go off and draw it. Spookily, all the pictures resembled the same style craft,  a saucer-shaped UFO with a dome on top. A couple of weeks later, the same craft was supposedly seen by some the school’s dinner ladies and some of the teachers, who claim they saw a being getting into the craft. Two months later, the owner of the Haven Fort Hotel in Little Haven said he saw an “upside-down saucer” and two creatures near it. Meanwhile, two farmers later saw a 7ft being in a silver suit at Ripperston Farm.

10. Sochi, Russia

Before the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi was not in the headlines for sportsmen in spandex, but flying objects potentially carrying aliens in similar attire. The Black Sea coast is a particular UFO  hotspot, where locals are said to have seen luminous objects, and flying saucers. Meanwhile, other fanatics claim that Bytkha Mountain has a UFO base, which transports our visitors between worlds.

Watch Educating Joey Essex: Space Cadet at 9pm, September 2 on ITV2.


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