Quidditch is real: Watch the trailer for the documentary Mudbloods

Athletes mount their brooms in a documentary about the Quidditch World Cup to be released in October

Since JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series introduced the world to Quidditch – a blend of rugby, basketball and dodgeball – fans have formed their own Quidditch teams around the world, leading to the Quidditch World Cup.


Yes, that’s right. They play the game with brooms, bludgers and quaffle balls — flying and wands reserved for the witches and wizards.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Mudbloods, a documentary that reveals the fantasy-turned-real-life sport, has just released its first trailer.

It focuses on World Cup V and the University of California Los Angeles team’s fight to snag the golden snitch of victory. Like any dramatic sports film, there’s blood, sweat, and a triumphant story to witness.

Mudbloods was directed by former UCLA film student Farzad Sangari. It premiered at AFI DOCS, an international documentary film festival in Washington, DC, in June and will be available on demand and with a limited theatrical release in October.

The Quidditch World Cup started in 2007 as a competition between two schools in America and has since grown to include 80 international teams. The World Cup VII took place in April when the University of Texas defended its World Cup VI crown.