Coronation Street spoilers: Andrea could end up with nobody, says Hayley Tamaddon

"Andrea is very scared that she’s lost Lloyd and that’s really eating her up," says the actress

Andrea (Hayley Tamaddon) is to tell husband Neil (William Travis) that their marriage is over – but it doesn’t look like he’s taking no for an answer. After Neil spots Andrea being reassured by Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), he gets the wrong idea into his head that the Rovers landlord is having an affair with his wife!


After fishing for more information while posing as a taxi customer, Neil ends up accusing Steve in the pub of carrying on with his missus. At which point Lloyd (Craig Charles) steps forward, admits that he’s the ‘other man’ and that Andrea has been lying to them both.

Andrea is desperate to talk things through with Lloyd following their break-up, but he is adamant that he never wants to see her again. So, will the subterfuge and heartbreak mean that Andrea is destined to be alone. Actress Hayley Tamaddon tells us more…

So how is Andrea feeling in the fallout of her double life being exposed?
She’s absolutely devastated. Andrea is very scared that she’s lost Lloyd and that’s really eating her up. There are a lot of tears and emotional moments between her and Lloyd. Seeing Lloyd feel so betrayed by her is what’s hurting the most. She’s trying desperately to get him back. That’s Andrea’s priority.

Did Andrea not anticipate trouble regarding her husband when things started to get serious between her and Lloyd?
She’s been burying her head in the sand. She was just hoping it would all go away and she wouldn’t have to deal with it, but deep down I think she knew it was always going to come back to bite her. You can’t keep a secret like that forever. Andrea’s been lying for so long she’s got herself in a right mess. It’s a tangled web and it all comes crashing down around her.

Is she surprised at the way Lloyd reacted to the news that she’s married?
It’s what she was expecting – when she allowed herself to think about him finding out, she always knew he’d be incredibly hurt and betrayed. That’s why she kept it a secret – and the longer she kept it from him the harder it became to tell him the truth. She thought he might, at some point, find it in his heart to forgive her and to maybe begin to understand why she lied, but that was just been wishful thinking.

What about Neil – did she expect him to go quietly when she told him she wanted to end their marriage?
She never wanted to hurt Neil either – he’s a good man and a big softie. Andrea was just tired of being lonely and him working away all the time. It wasn’t really a marriage. But Andrea knew that he would hang around and beg her to give their marriage another go. In an ideal world, Andrea had hoped that Neil would agree with her that their marriage was over a long time ago, but the fact of the matter is is that he’s still in love with her.

So how does she react to him hanging around – does it change her mind?
No, it doesn’t change her mind. Andrea’s mind was made up a long time ago. She feels so sorry for him and wishes he could just walk away from the marriage and let her move on. But he’s just so desperate for her to stay with him.

What does Andrea do to try and win Lloyd back?
Andrea does everything to win Lloyd back – she tells him she will do anything, she will move in with him there and then, commit to him, whatever he wants. She tells him over and over how much she loves him and wants to be with him and that she never wanted to hurt him. All Andrea wants to do is prove to Lloyd how much he means to her.

Is Jenna annoyed with Andrea for messing her dad around?
Jenna slowly forgives Andrea, actually. They actually end up having a nice cup of tea together and talking things through, which surprises Andrea really because Jenna’s never really warmed to her. I think Jenna can finally see how much Lloyd means to Andrea and vice versa.

How does Andrea feel about Neil hounding Steve?
It’s quite comical, actually! Neil gets it completely wrong and thinks Steve is the other man in Andrea’s life, until Lloyd walks in and corrects him. Now Andrea is stuck between two men who knew nothing about each other and she has to sort it out one way or another.

What happens when Lloyd tells her he never wants to see her again?
She’s obviously heartbroken. She could end up with nobody at the end of this. She certainly feels as though she’s got no chance of winning Lloyd back and she doesn’t want to go back to her marriage because she’s in love with Lloyd.

Should Andrea and Lloyd make a go of it?
Absolutely. I’m hoping that that’s what the public will want as well, once they see the breakdown and the heartache.

What’s it like working with Craig Charles?
Craig is a great friend of mine. We have so much fun. It’s like a brother-sister relationship where we can have a laugh and mess around, but also be serious as well. It’s great.


And what reaction have you been getting from the public?
They’ve been brilliant. There will be people out there in the real world who have been in this position themselves and know how things can spiral and come crashing down. I hope it might help people in some ways. I think it’s showing that if you’re not happy in yourself, then you’re not in the right place and that honesty is the best way. Even when it’s scary.