Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla and Megan compete to invest in Jai’s business – Chris Bisson interview

But whose efforts will end up sealing the deal?


Jai Sharma is to find himself in the enviable position next week of having two women wiling to invest in his business.


Both Megan (Gaynor Faye) and Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) are looking to buy in – but who will Jai end up choosing? Pretty soon, the two potential investors are battling it out in an Apprentice-style challenge. And there’s a surprising result at the end of it all. Actor Chris Bisson tells us more about what lies ahead…

So how is Jai feeling about his relationship with Megan at the moment?
Jai and Megan – or “Jegan” as they’re known – well, it’s all right. I think it suits Jai to be with Megan while Charity and Declan are on the boil.  But now Charity and Declan are married, it’s not quite as interesting as it used to be!

Megan is putting him under pressure because she wants to invest in the factory. Jai spent a bit too much money trying to find Archie and that’s why he has no money. He needs a short-term loan, but Megan wants to buy in and Jai doesn’t want that. He thinks Megan is interfering and will want to take over. Plus he’s also not 100 per cent certain about their relationship. It just doesn’t quite work, but Jai can’t say that! He’d be walking with a limp!

And then we see Leyla coming forward with some money…
Yes, Leyla gets wind of what’s happening, comes to the factory and makes Jai a financial offer. It appeals to Jai because he thinks that Leyla is thick! He reckons that he can take Leyla’s money and get her to work on the factory floor. He thinks that, because she’s not an established businesswoman, she won’t be as interfering as Megan.

It all comes to a head when Leyla throws down an Apprentice-style challenge to Megan: each of them will take £40 of Jai’s money and build on it within a couple of hours…

And what does Jai make of this?
He likes it. He’s sat in the middle of these two beautiful battling women and he thinks, ‘you know what? This is quite fun’. And actually, Leyla’s got a bit of a spark to her, which Jai is starting to like. So Leyla gets her former lap-dancing costumes out and sells burgers to the cyclists from the Tour de France. And quite quickly makes some money!

Megan reluctantly takes up the challenge and makes a deal for some chocolate Santas for the factory – which is obviously the duller but more profitable way of making money. Jai likes Leyla’s get-up-and-go and Megan’s snootiness kind of puts the nail in the coffin. In the end, he accepts Leyla’s money – but it is very short lived!

So what happens when she starts work?
She comes into the factory lording it up. And it’s really not what Jai is expecting. She arrives at the office, makes an announcement about investing in the business and asks which desk is hers! Jai is quite condescending and I enjoy playing him like that.


Do you like doing these more lighthearted stories where you get to act with different people?
Well, I’m very polite in real life so it’s fun to be so patronising when playing Jai. And Leyla is definitely now on Jai’s radar. She is a bit gobby, but also sparky. And let’s face it, Jai has been at his lowest ebb recently, so he needs some fun. I should have listened to the old ladies at the supermarket: when Jai first got together with Charity, I’d be out shopping and the old ladies would tell me to steer clear of Charity. And do you know what? They were right.