Coronation Street spoilers: Simon Gregson reveals all about Steve and Michelle’s relationship split

After Steve admits that he knew all about Peter and Tina's affair, girlfriend Michelle packs her bags


Steve McDonald and Michelle Connor are to hit stormy waters in the wake of Tina McIntyre’s death. When Steve comes clean that he knew about Peter and Tina’s affair, Michelle finds herself unable to forgive him. So are the pair headed for a permanent break-up? Actor Simon Gregson, who plays Steve, tells us more:


So, the police question Steve about Tina’s death. How does he deal with it?
He’s nervous about the whole thing because he doesn’t want to say too much in case it gives the game away to Michelle that he’s known about Peter’s affair all along. Steve does try to bluff it out but there are many obstacles to manoeuvre around. The police aren’t daft though – they know that he knows more than he’s letting on, so he ends up coming out with it all and telling them all about the affair and how he’s known about it for some time.

Do the police think he’s hiding even more and try and provoke him into saying who he thinks did this to Tina?
At first they are very suspicious because it’s very evident that he’s keeping something back! But as soon as he comes out with it and says he’s known about the affair for a couple of months, they understand that he’s trying to save his own skin with Michelle. He’s in a tricky situation. He obviously doesn’t know who has killed Tina, but at the same time he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing that could implicate someone.

So how does Steve react when he first finds out Tina’s been killed?
His initial reaction is shock. He certainly doesn’t think for a minute that death was a punishment for her crime. He’s just in total shock, as you would be. He didn’t dislike Tina as such, and his problem with her wasn’t necessarily the affair she was having with Peter. It was more the fact that she was still being so friendly with Carla throughout the whole thing. I think Steve thought that was borderline evil of her!

Do Steve and Liz really think that they could have prevented Tina’s death had they acted earlier and revealed the affair she was having with Peter?
As soon as Michelle finds out they both knew, she is the one who says that had they had told Carla sooner, this might not have happened. He doesn’t know whether that’s true or not, but Liz and Steve are both in the same boat and can’t help wonder whether they should have said something long ago. But then again Steve does still know that he held his tongue in the first place for all the right reasons.

Can you tell us about the scene where Michelle finds out that Steve knew about the affair all along?
It’s Tracy who drops him in it in the first place – shocker! Steve then tries to worm his way out of it but then he realises there’s no point and that Michelle isn’t buying any of it. He takes her through to the back room of the pub and explains that Peter had told him a while ago and that he had asked him not to say anything. Michelle is absolutely fuming, packs her bags and leaves. Steve is pretty gutted.

How does he explain his actions?
What Steve is trying to tell her is that he didn’t want to be the one who upset Carla and tore her world apart by breaking the news to her, especially after he found out she was pregnant. Steve was hoping that her being pregnant would mean Peter would sort his act out and end things with Tina. Steve didn’t want to be the one to break this family up and just didn’t want any part of it. He didn’t want to know about the affair in the first place!

Would Steve be gutted if this were the end of the road for him and Michelle?
Absolutely. I don’t think it would be right for this to be the thing to break them. Michelle has forgiven him for much worse.

Carla tells Michelle that he shouldn’t let what has happened come between her and Steve. What do you think Steve has to do to make her forgive him?
Say sorry – a lot of times! There’s not much he can do to make it better apart from to try and make her see and understand why he didn’t say anything. Steve probably knows now that he should have told Michelle, because then he could have shared the burden. It then wouldn’t have been just up to him whether to tell Carla or not. I think he just hoped that Peter would sort himself out.

Can you tell us about the run in Steve has with Peter in the ginnel?
Peter quite selfishly is badgering Steve about what the police have been asking him and what he’s told them in return and hasn’t thought for one second how this might have affected Steve and his life. Steve just flips and pins Peter up against the wall. He’s lost his patience.


Who does Steve think is the most likely suspect?
At the moment, he really doesn’t know, but he is switching between Peter and Carla, even though Peter is his best mate. I suppose he thinks they both have a motive, in one way or another.