You know you’re part of the Downton Abbey cult when…

Julian Fellowes has likened Downton's fans to members of a cult. Are you part of it?


There is no denying that Downton Abbey has a dedicated fan base. We’re a loyal lot.


But Julian Fellowes, the creator of the Crawleys, has gone one step further, calling the show’s popularity a “sort of cult.”

Now, we may be fanatical, but us Downton fans aren’t easily offended. All we want to know? Are we genuine members of the Downton Abbey cult?

If you agree with the following statements chances are you can count yourself in… 

Your Sunday nights are awfully depressing. Every week.

Unless it’s the autumn and Downton Abbey is on TV it’s just not worth staying up. 

You imagine the Downton Abbey theme tune as you pull into your drive 

Dun, dun, dun, duuun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dunnnnn… 

You’re really quite tempted to get yourself a pig man

Even if this is the reality. If the Crawleys are into the grunting, pink mammals, you’re into them too. 

You haven’t quite got to grips with modern technology 

It’s letter openers all the way. Telegrams at a push. 


You have accidentally called a bus driver Branson

Hey, it’s an easy mistake to make, okay?

You have perfected the aloof eye roll

And use it pretty much whenever anyone is speaking. Especially if they are middle class – or your sister. 


Wearing trousers feels like a BIG deal 

Though your family and friends are getting a teeny bit tired of you shouting ‘Ta dah!’ whenever you put on a pair of jeans… 

You don’t wear black

It’s just not the done thing. You’d never risk wearing such a sombre colour (unless you were mourning the death of a loved one, of course). Everyone knows that’s not the way to get kissed… 


You can set the table for a formal dinner 

You know your fish knives from your salad forks alright. Bread plates, soup spoons, water goblets. It’d take a whole lot of crockery and cutlery to faze you… 

You’re vary wary of houseguests 

Either they drop down dead or overstay their welcome. That Violet Crawley, she knows what she’s talking about…