Kylie teaches Alan Carr how to Sexercise (yes, there’s a video)

Watch as pop princess Kylie Minogue teaches a half-dressed Alan Carr how to get fit with a large ball

‘See Kylie Minogue teach Alan Carr how to Sexercise’ is a sentence you probably didn’t think you’d ever read, but that’s precisely what happens on tonight’s episode of the chat show.


The pop princess is chatting to Carr about her upcoming tour as well as her time on reality show The Voice, which she says remains an “open book” as far as one day returning as a coach.

But away from the chat, the pair get into a bit of Sexercise. Carr’s wearing heels and, well, not a lot else. There’s thrusting, there’s rolling, there’s balls in the air…

It’s probably best you just take a look:


See Alan Carr: Chatty Man tonight at 10:35pm on Channel 4