Amanda Holden: People sometimes forget I was an actress

The long-standing judge says it was “frightening” to be herself on camera but admits BGT is what most people know her for


Amanda Holden has doing Britain’s Got Talent for so long she admits people don’t always remember what she did before. 


“It doesn’t feel like I’ve done every year,” says Holden, who has been a judge on all eight series of the show. “Now it’s the thing that people remember me for, and obviously that’s great, I’m not knocking that, but I think people sometimes forget I was an actress.”

Amanda says stepping out from behind characters such as Wild at Heart’s Sarah Trevanion or Cutting It’s Mia Bevan to be herself on camera was “frightening”. 

“It felt odd, frightening and good to go from acting to being myself. It took a long time for me to drop that image after having an affair when I was married to Les [Dennis]. I think people always had me down as a ‘minxy’ husband-stealer. On Britain’s Got Talent i was able to be vulnerable and I was a mummy and I was able to show people who I am now.

“Simon always says to me ‘you have me to thank for people liking you’. He’s so modest!”

The current panel certainly seems to be the most ‘together’ of the bunch. Amanda says Alesha Dixon is a good comrade for her while Simon is a good sifter of nonsense. David Walliams is “flamboyant” on camera, says Amanda, but is a “really decent person to talk to” away from the show. “I could go to dinner with him and talk to him all night; he’s so easy going.”

Not that Amanda struggles to separate her fellow judges in the old ‘snog, marry avoid’ game: “I would snog Simon, I’d marry Alesha and avoid David”.

Britain’s Got Talent returns Saturday at 7:15pm on ITV