What happens when Ant and Dec prank Holly Willoughby

The Surprise Surprise presenter vows revenge on Saturday Night Takeaway pair...


Ant and Dec are on a roll with their Saturday Night Takeaway celebrity pranks. They’ve made Ruth Langsford twerk, Eamonn Holmes stuff a doughnut in his mouth, enraged Gordon Ramsay and stunned David Dickinson.


This Saturday night, the pair set their sights on Holly Willoughby.

Dropping in on Holly’s dream-come-true show Surprise Surprise, Ant plays the part of a besotted boyfriend Richard, reuniting with his charity worker girlfriend Annabel to propose. He even enlists the help of boy band Blue.

Here’s Richard. The one on the left. A dish, eh?

Dec’s there too, playing the part of Annabel’s boss Jean Luc. We are loving the scarf.

All seems pretty simple. Richard’s proposing. Here he is. On one knee and all that jazz.

Even singing a song with Blue.

She’s crying. Got to be a good sign.

Except, oh. She’s saying no. Tad awkward.

Yep. Er, surprise…

Oh but not to worry. It’s just those scamps Ant and Dec, who get a good old battering off Holly.

“Oh my god. It’s you. I nearly threw up!” says Holly, who jokes “I never thought I would be fooled, but I honestly didn’t twig. As far as I was aware we had a relatively simple surprise, a boyfriend proposing to his girlfriend, but it all went wrong. I felt my heart sink when she said no!

“I was relieved when I found out it was a stunt, but the boys best beware, I like a prank so may just have something up my sleeve!”

See Saturday Night Takeaway this Saturday night 7:00pm, ITV