Simon Cowell regrets Golden Buzzer choice – and worries who David Walliams will pick

“God only know who he’ll press his for” jokes Cowell, who admits he wishes he’d saved the Golden Buzzer for London leg of Britain’s Got Talent auditions


The Britain’s Got Talent auditions have reached London and Simon Cowell is rather wishing he still had his Golden Buzzer to press.


This new addition to the format allows each judge one chance to give an act an immediate pass to the live semi-final stage, leaving the others no chance to intervene.

Given that Cowell – pretty much Mr Talent Show himself – has already pressed his Golden Buzzer, one might think he’s found the winner and we can all just pack up and go home.

But Cowell tells, “I don’t know about that. Sometimes you get caught up in the moment and the audience was screaming ‘Push the button!’ as well. But I like them, they were good.”

And with four days in London and hundreds of acts left to see, Cowell confessed, “But I kind of wish I hadn’t in a way, as I’d like to do it again here [in London].”

Still to push his Golden Buzzer is David Walliams, who along with Alesha Dixon, now has four days left to find his candidate. 

Known for his on-screen banter-cum-bromance with Walliams, Cowell is worried about who his fellow judge will opt for. After all, the GB is the chance to be rather mischievous and opt for an act no-one else likes.

“God only knows who he’ll press his for,” said Cowell, adding, “This is the last step, so he has to do it in the next four days.”

Fellow judge Amanda Holden told us recently that she’s hoping for a holiday to the Maldives if the act she awarded the Golden Buzzer to wins. “She’s got two weeks in Butlins, at my expense,” Cowell responded.

The judges have already been though several stages of auditions around the country and rumours suggest Cowell is still rather enjoying the dog acts. Could his own canine friends Squiddly and Diddly be in training for a stint on the show? “They were possibly the worst behaved dogs in the world, so it’ll be quite a few years before they get on stage,” said Cowell. “They can barely sit.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns later this year