Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

10-14 February: Lucy tries to reason with Paul, while Toadie and Sonya sever personal ties with Jacob

Monday 10 February


After discovering that he kissed Sonya, Toadie thinks about dropping Jacob as a client, but ultimately relents on the proviso that he has no more contact with his wife. Jacob tells his side of the story to Georgia over dinner, who appreciates his honesty. Kate and Kyle move tentatively forward in their relationship, but their first public date turns awkward when they bump into Georgia and Jacob. 

Tuesday 11 February

Kyle tries to assure Kate that he has moved on from Georgia, but deep down he is not sure himself. After an estate agent nearly catches them hiding in the Kapoors’ house, Imogen grows closer to Isaac. Later Mason, jealous after seeing her with Isaac, tells Imogen of his feelings for her. Without Terese in the driving seat, Lassiter’s nearly comes off the rails. 

Wednesday 12 February

As his 50th birthday threatens to be a washout with guest after guest pulling out, Paul is encouraged by Lucy to put his resentment aside and offer Terese her old job back. Imogen talks to Terese about her reluctance to commit to Mason, mentioning that there is another guy on her radar. After getting advice from Bailey, Mason pleads his case to Imogen, but she remains wary. 

Thursday 13 February

Terese turns down the job offer, but when she continually demonstrates her penchant for management at home, Brad encourages her to go back to work. Mason continues his attempts to win Imogen back, refusing to be deterred even after she calls him an idiot. Kyle realises that his relationship with Kate is simply not working. 

Friday 14 February


Georgia admits that she tried to make Kyle jealous by letting him believe that she and Jacob are together. She then lies to Sonya about her morning sickness, telling her that she has food poisoning. As he tries to finish things with Kate once and for all, Kyle witnesses Georgia collapse on stage and rushes to her aid. Callum’s grand gesture to win back Josie is thrown back in his face.