Britain’s Got Talent 2014 auditions: “I thought people were going to die” says Amanda Holden

The BGT judge says Simon Cowell "always wants death", as she teases a "thrilling" upcoming act

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden says there have already been “death defying acts” in this year’s auditions – and that they’re exactly what Simon Cowell is looking for.


“You know Simon always says he wants death? We’ve had an act where I just thought people were going to die and it was so thrilling,” Holden tells

And the long-standing judge, who returns to the panel alongside Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Cowell, says it’s the adults who are catching their eye this year.

“So far there have been a couple of good dance groups that have contained children and something traditional with a twist. But actually the adults are shining through, which is good because last year I did think it’s Little Britain’s Got Talent,” says Holden.

But so far none of the acts have prompted Holden to press the brand new golden buzzer, which whips an act past the judges, past the next round of auditions and straight into the live semi-finals.

“The frightening thing is I keep thinking, ‘When is the best time to use it?’ because you think, it’s for an act that I would feel personally very passionate about. There have been a lot of acts where the four of us have agreed and you think, oh, but then it’s pointless, you’re going to waste it.

“But what I have said to Simon is, if one of the judges presses that buzzer and then that act goes on to win the show, do we get an immediate contract to come back the following year? Or in my case, that’s great, but I would prefer a holiday in the Maldives, or just to sit on his yacht in Barbados!”

But Holden says only one man could make her give up her spot on the panel.

“It’s my favourite job of the year. As long as they want me I’ll do it. I’m here and I’ve always said if Simon sacks me personally I’ll go, but if he gets someone else to ring me, I’m back.”