Coronation Street spoilers: Tina ought to watch her back around Tracy, warns actress Kate Ford

There's heartbreak for Tracy next week when Rob's kiss with barmaid Tina comes to light

Tracy Barlow is to be left heartbroken next week when she learns about the kiss that her boyfriend Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) recently shared with Rovers barmaid Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan). Blabbermouth Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden) will learn about Rob and Tina’s smooch and wastes no time in telling Tracy. Rob denies it, but the truth is written all over his face. Tina – who is back from London to clear out her flat on Victoria Street – also confirms that she kissed Rob, leaving Tracy filled with anguish. So is this actually the end for the troublesome couple? Actress Kate Ford reveals what’s in store:


Has Tracy got any inkling that Rob might have betrayed her?
She doesn’t have a clue. He’s been behaving in exactly in the same way, so she doesn’t have any inkling that Rob has kissed Tina and betrayed her. The first time she has any reason to doubt Rob is when Norris mentions it.

Yes, so tell us about the moment that Norris breaks this news that Rob snogged Tina…
She just can’t believe it. She can’t believe that she could be going back to square one. Every relationship that she’s had so far hasn’t gone well so she doesn’t want to even consider that this man, who she thinks is better than the rest, could have betrayed her. She gives him the benefit of the doubt because she wants to think that he wouldn’t do that to her.

When Rob denies it, does Tracy believe him?
She’s really worried. The fact Rob had told Tracy that he doesn’t fancy Tina makes her question him even more. Who wouldn’t fancy Tina? She’s gorgeous. If he’d just said that he found her attractive but didn’t do anything then Tracy may have believed him. The fact that he tells her he doesn’t find Tina attractive makes her think that he’s lying.

So how does Tracy find out that Rob did, in fact, kiss Tina?
Tracy’s in Barlow’s Buys with Rob – he looks at her and says that no one else does it for him and that she’s the one. I believe he was being honest with her as well. He snogged Tina because she’s pretty but he does really care for Tracy and she does do it for him.

But perhaps he should have been honest with her and told her that. Instead, he tells her that he didn’t kiss Tina but this makes Tracy unsure. She goes to the Rovers and tricks Tina into confessing. She loses it at this point and throws drinks in both Rob and Tina’s faces. She’s completely heartbroken.

Does Tracy mean it when she chucks Rob out and tells him it’s over?
She does mean it, but Deirdre asks her if she’s being too hasty. He is a good guy, he hasn’t slept with Tina and he’s obviously into her. Even Tina says Tracy’s making a mistake if she lets Rob go. I think people can see that he obviously does like her and that Tracy’s overreacting. She really likes him too and I think she’s definitely met her match with Rob.

Is Tracy aware that Carla is trying to match-make Rob and Tina?
No. She walks into the Bistro and finds Rob and Tina sat with Carla and Peter and she’s so angry. She can’t believe that he would be sat having dinner with Tina after everything he’d said to her about her being the one. But Rob had no idea Tina was going to be there. He thought he was going for dinner with Carla.

Does Rob make it clear that he wants to get back with Tracy?
He does. He really wears his heart on his sleeve and he’s so sad to think he might lose her. But then she tries to get back at him for hurting for her by selling his stuff at Barlow’s Buys, which makes him very angry. He warns her he won’t spend his life apologising for one stupid mistake and this does make Tracy think.

Is Tracy worried that she’s gone too far with this?
He has kissed someone else so she does feel completely in her rights to behave the way she has. But she also doesn’t want to lose him, so she does forgive him after a while. She really likes him and she wants all the drama of her past relationships to be just that: a thing of the past. She’s had nothing but ups and downs in her relationships and this is the one that has been the most peaceful.

But will she now have less trust in Rob?
Yes, I think it will make her trust him less. Any woman would trust their partner less if they’d snogged someone else. But Tracy can either forgive and forget or not. If she chooses not to then she could lose Rob and she really doesn’t want that to happen.

Would you be upset if Tracy and Rob did split up?
Personally, yes. I really love working with Marc. He’s great and we have such a laugh together, but I also think the chemistry between the two characters is really good. I can believe in the relationship between them and I they’re well suited.


And should Tina watch her back now that she’s crossed Tracy?
Tina’s always had to watch her back with Tracy. She’s never been particularly fond of Tina as she’s probably a bit jealous of her, to be honest.