Derren Brown: people often write to me asking for the lottery numbers

The TV illusionist reveals that he often receives cries for help from desperate people

Illusionist and mind reader Derren Brown says he has received begging letters from desperate people convinced he can guess the lottery numbers.


The mind control expert told that ever since his show in 2009, in which he appeared to successfully predict the lottery numbers, he has received cries for help.

“I had one from a family obviously in distress saying ‘We really need to win the lottery’,” said Derren. “Those things are awful, you have to say ‘I’m terribly sorry’.”

His new Channel 4 special, The Great Art Robbery, sees him recruit a group of pensioners to steal a painting from trendy London art dealer Ivan Massow.

Massow is given the date and time of the theft and even a picture of the man who will steal it in advance.

Brown says that the special was deliberately lighter after his last programme Apocalypse in 2012 managed to convince a man that he was one of the few survivors of the end of the world.

However, Brown said that the new show also made him reflect on his own mortality as well as his attitudes to the elderly.

The image above was released to publicise the show – it may look like a painting but is actually a photograph of Brown caked in make-up.