Sarah Millican: I’m a secret One Direction Fan

Comedian admits to loving the pop group even though she owns “pants older than them”

Comedian Sarah Millican has something to get off her chest but she’s not ashamed: she is a secret One Direction fan.


The Radio Times columnist admitted on Saturday night’s Jonathan Ross Show on ITV that she likes to sing along to One Direction in her car.

She said: “They’re very young, bless them. I’ve got pants older than them. I do have one of their songs on my ipod. I have the Beautiful one. Because it makes me feel nice. I put the words in.

“If I’m driving in my car and I’ve got a spotty face, or I just feel a bit claggy or whatever and then I just go, ‘That’s what makes you beautiful.’ So whatever it is that I don’t like about myself, they think it’s awesome, so it makes me feel nice. It’s good, it’s a way of lifting yourself up.”

However, even though One D star Harry Styles admitted on the same show that he is looking for a “nice” girlfriend, Millican is herself off the menu – she has just moved in with her boyfriend.

She said: “We were living 90 miles apart, but both travelled a lot so saw each other quite a lot, but we see each other even more now.

“I bought a house and he was thinking where he was going to buy his house and he was thinking about being a bit closer to London and I just realised he was going to be even further away and I just think your heart comes out of your mouth sometimes and I just said, ‘Every time you step over the front door, you’re too far away.’ So we decided to move in and it’s worked really well.”